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Run entirely by volunteers, Kington Museum is located in Kington: one of the smallest market towns in Herefordshire. The town is situated 20 miles from Hereford and is within a few miles of the English / Welsh border.

Kington has been in existence for over a 1000 years being originally used as a resting place for drovers who crossed the nearby Hergest Ridge. The town grew in importance as a place to sell goods during the 13th century and still has a livestock market to this day. It's location, history and geography has fashioned the town into what it is now and through us we hope to enlighten visitors of its rich past for year to come.

The museum has several new displays for 2018 as well as some returning displays with highlights such as:

Local 18th Century Documents and Letters

The Kington Tram and Railway Map with a Model Replica of the Railway

The Meredith Family and Iron Foundry

Local WW1 and WW2 Displays including Kington Camp

Kington Shops and Trades - Past and Present

And of course, the Kington Elephant!

Please come along and have a look around. Admission is free, though any and all donations are welcomed as they ensure our survival!


We have a vast collection of photographs both digitally and physically at Kington Museum. If you require a larger print of any photo you see on this website or if you have an idea of a photo you may like, don't hesitate to contact us and we'll try our best to supply a copy for you in return for a small donation. (Photos are subject to availability).

Bridge Street on a Market Day 1880


Kington Museum is delighted to provide postcards for sale of the town and the surrounding areas. Prices start from as little as 40p.

Kington Postcard

Farming and Ploughing

Kington Museum has a varied collection of farming implements and ploughs on display, as well as, photographs of local farmers, beautiful handmade smocks and interesting memorabilia that all help provide an insight into what life was like on the farm in Kington.

Read more about this on the ploughing collection section of our website.

Ploughing for Victory, Hergest 1914

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