Kington Museum

How Sherlock Changed the World



Friday 23rd September 7.30pm at the Burton Hotel, Kington

Tickets £5

Available from Kington Museum, the Burton Hotel,  Tom Bounds Electrical, High street, Kington, Kington Tourist Office and at the door


Who can resist the allure of Arthur Conan Doyle’s greatest creation – Sherlock Holmes?

For anyone who is interested in the science of detection.

Paul Bernays, Director of the acclaimed TV documentary ‘How Sherlock Changed The World’ will be giving the Kington Museum’s first guest lecture on Sherlock Holmes, Conan Doyle and the development of forensic investigation to solve criminal cases. In inventing his detective, Conan Doyle introduced the world to techniques that are now taken for granted. Sherlock was the first detective in truth or fiction to cordon off a crime scene and use a magnifying glass, something every Investigator since now does as a matter of course. Linking Sherlock’s fictional exploits to successful real life cases that followed, Paul will show how the great detective helped pioneer important branches of forensics, including ballistics and criminal profiling – not forgetting his hugely influential powers of deduction. Paul will also delve a little into Conan’s Doyle’s inspirations and reveal who was his model for the great Detective, a fictional creation who literally changed the facts. Illustrated by clips from the documentary, this will be a fascinating evening.


For further information, please contact Alan Stoyel, Museum Committee Chair, on 01544 230235.

Dawn of the Horse Warriors: Chariot and Cavalry Warfare, 3000-600BC

The latest book by local author Duncan Noble

The domestication of the horse revolutionized warfare, granting unprecedented strategic and tactical mobility, allowing armies to strike with terrifying speed. The horse was first used as the motive force for chariots and then, in a second revolution, as mounts for the first true cavalry.

Duncan 3

Duncan Noble

Floral Display

The Council has provided us with two large and colourful floral displays outside the museum. After seeking the advice of our local gardener, Monty Don, it transpires that the boxes should be watered twice a week, namely on Tuesday and Friday mornings.

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