Kington Museum

The Kington Museum Word Quiz.

Below are some local dialect words used in the early 19th Century and still occasionally today. Can you write in the definition?

Word Quiz #1, questions and answers as follows:

  1. A quist = a pigeon
  2. A pitch = a steep hill usually on a road
  3. Nesh = dainty, delicate or tender
  4. A nisgal = the smallest of the brood
  5. A jag = a small quantity drawn as a load
  6. An oelert = an owl
  7. A glat = a gap in a hedge
  8. To mother = to confuse or perplex
  9. To brevet = to beat about searching for something
  10. Chats = dead sticks or faggots

There was a good entry, with a number of correct sheets. The winner of the £10 is: Linda Bradburn


Kington Museum: Clerihew Competition 2015

Our Winner of the recent Clerihew Competition was John Mokler of Almeley with this entry:

Said his wife to the Vicar,

“You must move much quicker,

Or your service for Sunday

Will take place on Monday!”

John generously allowed the museum to retain the prize money. 

But what is a Clerihew?

A Clerihew is a comic verse consisting of two couplets and a specific rhyming scheme, aabb invented by Edmund Clerihew Bentley (1875-1956) at the age of 16. The poem is about/deals with a person/character within the first rhyme. In most cases, the first line names a person, and the second line ends with something that rhymes with the name of the person.

One of the best remembered clerihews from Bentley’s collection:

Sir Humphrey Davy
Detested gravy.
He lived in the odium
Of having discovered sodium. (Bentley)

Here are some of the other entries and many thanks to all those of you who entered, better luck next time!

Had a lovely doggy chassis.
But under all that fur,
She wasn’t a her! (Anon)


G. Grace
Had hair all over his face.
Of all cricketers with a beard
He was the most feared. (Anon)


Winnie the Pooh

What does he do?

I wish I had as much money

As Pooh has honey.

Courtney Carlson (age 8)


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Developed a mysterious boil

But how it evolved and came about

Even Sherlock Holmes never found out!

Nicole Anne Braganza (age 13)


Kington Museum Limerick Competition 2014 

Kington Museum held an extremely successful limerick competition in 2014 – winning entries will appear on this page soon!

The prizewinners were presented with their prizes at the Kington Food and Drink fair, by Bill Wiggin MP.