Volunteering at the Museum

The museum is a charitable trust, run entirely by volunteer staff who help in a range of capacities. Some volunteers look after the collections and assist in all the day to day management, other volunteers help with accessioning, collection management and assisting visitors.

If you are looking for museum experience, wish to learn collection management techniques, or have always wanted to find out more about the history of Kington, you might like to come and join us as a volunteer. If so, please contact us.


Window display
Window display


Volunteers are always welcome, one of our volunteers has written a piece describing

how she feels about being a volunteer at the museum, please read on below:






Why be a volunteer?

The first thing I can say about being a volunteer at the Kington Museum is that it is great fun. Whether doing a stint “front of house” during the season: April to October, or being part of the winter working party : January to March, it is all just great fun.

Volunteers are absolutely essential; there are no paid staff at the Museum. Our income consists mainly of sporadic grants from Kington Town Council, plus whatever funding we can raise ourselves as well as donations from visitors. The variety of volunteers ensures that each will be needed to use their own talents and expertise.

The winter working parties consist of a group of a dozen or more of us, who turn up on a Thursday morning and between us provide several vital functions. Guided by our Curator, we discuss the previous year’s displays, decide which should be replaced and choose what new displays to put on for the following season. Equally important is the cataloguing of all the gifts and loans to the museum, deciding how and where to store them, making sure that all are given accession numbers and entering these into the appropriate accessions book.   I find all this really enjoyable, as the company is so pleasant and congenial and the tasks so varied.

And if you are involved in a job you can’t wait to finish, it is always possible for anyone to get the keys from the curator and use the museum on any day of the week to work in relative peace and quiet. This could also apply to anyone unavailable on a Thursday, when the Curator is almost always present and can certainly find him or her a job to do.

“Front of house” is also a great way to spend a morning or afternoon during the season and a three-hour stint seems to fly by. The variety of visitors is truly fascinating. There are local townspeople enjoying a trip down memory lane. There are those trying to trace their own ancestors, often from much further afield, and visiting holidays makers who are often just delighted with the atmosphere and feeling of the premises and their content. A glance at the Visitors’ Book will prove this.

So do come and join us! Telephone or email the museum for more information. Alternatively, feel free to pop in when we’re open and we’ll give you a volunteer sign up sheet to fill in.